Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Namesakes: Luizão

This is the name which is mistakenly pronounced in the world as [lu-ee-za-o]. Should be rather [lu-ee-zon]. There are three "main" Luizaos today: superstarry 32-year forward Luiz Carlos Bombonato Goulart, who played best of all for Guarani jointly with Marcio Amoroso, then for plenty of clubs inlcding Sao Paulo and Herta. Also a famous fullback of Benfica and Brazilian national team, Anderson Luis da Silva. The third one to be a star soon is Luis Carlos Nascimento Junior, reaised by Cruzeiro and bought recently by Vasco da Gama.

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

László Megyesi (Hung.)
[laslo med-ye-shi]

Marek Kaščák (Czech.)

Marian Cârjă (Rom.)

Marián Had (Slovak.)

Marius Iordache (Rom.)
[marius yordake]

Miguel Riffo

Colo Colo's fullback Miguel Riffo may pass to Brazilean football next season. Two grandees - Sao Paulo and Palmeiras - expressed interest in the Chilean.

Breno & Bayern

Bayern joined the hunt for Sao Paulo's fullback Breno. Besides, he is actively wanted by Real Madrid.

Jorge Valdivia & Caio Junior

Two main figures in Palmeiras' midfield this season, Chilean Jorge Valdivia and Brazilian Caio Junior, may continue play together in Dutch Feyenoord, which expressed desire to buy both stars. Besides, Valdivia is pretended by Deportivo and Valencia, while Caio Junior is wanted by Ajax.

Transfers: Joílson

Right wing Joílson was presented as Sao Paulo´s new player. This season he outstandingly played for Botafogo.


Brazilian legend Edmundo (36) who currently plays for Palmeiras, may return to his native Vasco da Gama next season. If it happens, he will once again join there his eternal mate Romario, who this time will be coaching his friend.

Darío Conca

Argentinean Darío Conca may prolong his contract with Vasco da Gama, the head of which like him very much. Although, River Plate, which possesses enganche´s pass, would like to sell the player, not to rent him again.

Arouca & Benfica

Fluminense's anchorman Arouca, who had a great Brasileirão, received an offer from Benfica and rejected it. Could be that the decision was motivated by miserable transfer's price. The Portugueses estimated the transfer in three million euros.

Alex Dias & Fluminense

Famous Brazilian forward Alex Dias is likely to leave Fluminense. If the club from Rio manages to sign such stars as Washington, Dodo and Leandro Amaral, there won't be room for experienced Alex Dias.

Rogerio Ceni

Rogerio Ceni was voted as world's best keeper. The inquiery was carried out by France Football. Brazilian outvoted Buffon, Czech, Kahn, Boruc and Casillas.

Ever Banega & Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid gradually becomes the main expert on young Argentinean stars. The most prominent young player of those who still play in Argentina, Ever Banega from Boca Juniors, is expected in Madrid as soon as next season.

Gata Fernandez & Palmeiras

In light of possible losing of their superstar Jorge Valdivia, who is wanted too much in Europe, the heads of Palmeiras want to sign Gaston "Gata" Fernandez, who was key in San Lorenzo's championship in last Clausura. Beside the Argentinean, the "greens" would like to sign Chileans Carlos Villanueva from Audax and Gonzalo Fierro from Colo Colo as well.

Pablo Aurrecochea

Uruguayan keeper of Paraguayan Cerro Porteño, Pablo Aurrecochea, is likely to become a new player of Colon. Previously Pablo has already played in Argentina for Argentinos Juniors.

Hugo Tocalli & Velez Sarsfield

Everything changes rapidly in Argentina. At this moment not Pellegrino, but Hugo Tocalli, who won a world championship with Argentinean sub-20 in 2006, is just one step away from signing with Velez Sarsfield as a chief coach. He is expected to be assisted by Carlos Compagnucci.


One of Argentina's biggest idols of the last decade, Guillermo "Guille" Barros Schelotto, is thinking of returning to his native Gimnasia La Plata. Although, the current player of Columbus Crew will be able to address this issue thoroughly only after the presidential elections in Gimnasia that will take place in December.

Mauricio Pellegrino & Velez Sarsfield

Ex-fullback of Velez Sarsfield, Barcelona and Valencia, Mauricio Pellegrino, is the most probable candidate to coach the club from Liniers after the resignment of La Volpe finally took place. Thus, the defensive style of Velez Sarsfield won't be changed, obviously.

Mariano Pavone

Mariano Pavone finally managed to score his first goals for Betis. In a clash against Zaragoza (2:1) he scored both.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

József Mogyorósi (Hung.)
[yozhef mod-yo-ro-shi]
Juha Majava (Finn.)
[yuha mayava]
Jyri Hietaharju (Finn.)
[yuri hi-ye-ta-har-yu]
Krzysztof Łągiewka (Pol.)
[kshishtof lan-gev-ka]
Ladislav Jamrich (Czech.)
[yamrih] (or [yamrij] for Spaniards)

Namesakes: Juninho

There are lots of players with this nickname. Two of them are beyond any confusions, since they have added to their nicks the names of their states: Juninho Paulista and Juninho Pernambucano. Today there is one more quite loud Juninho - Botafogo's fullback Anselmo Vendrechovski, who has Polish roots. In Portugal there has been playing ex-midfielder of Atletico Mineiro, Junior Cesar Arcanjo, also Juninho. While in Japanese Kawasaki Frontale there is 30-year ex-Palmeiras Carlos Alberto Carvalho Anjos, Juninho, of course. And finally, there is a keeper-Juninho - Tadeu de Jesus Nogueira Junior, and he is from Atletico Mineiro.

Transfers: Magno Alves

The return of one of Fluminense's best forwards, Magno Alves, to his alma mater is quite probable. For the last four years he has been playing in South Korea and Japan.


Chelsea promised to apply maximum of agression in a struggle for the young Brazilian miracle, Lulinha. For now he has been playing for Corinthians.

Sao Paulo - pentacampeon!

Sao Paulo became Brazil's champion for the fifth time. The triumph took place in the match against America, which was won by the Paulistas 3:0. the goals were scored by Hernanes, Miranda and Dagoberto.

Transfers: Renato Augusto

Renato Augusto did not confirm the rumours of his 30-million-euros move to Benfica. The extremely bright superstar is going to contunue playing for Flamengo with which he has a contract till 2012.

Transfers: Breno

Sao Paulo's fullback Breno is regarded as a possible reinforcement by Real Madrid. Breno was one of Brasileirao's main figures this season.

Reinaldo & Botafogo

After ke's main scorer Dodo annouced that he leaves te club, the Fogao's chiefs started looking for his replacement. And looks like they have already found it in person of Reinaldo who returned home after a brief speel in Turkey.

Ariel Ortega

The rumours of Ariel Ortega's move to Mexican Atlas, remained only rumours. That was announced by River Plate's vice-president, Domingo Diaz.

Juan Roman Riquelme

The list of the clubs, who want Juan Roman Riquelme, gets broader and broader. This time Newcastle United expressed desire to pay 16 million dollars for the superstar. It was exactly this club, which put an end to career of poor Argentinean Cristian Bassedas.

Transfers: Hernan Pellerano

Quite possible that Deportivo A Coruña will substitute one its Argentinean with another soon. After it became clear that Fabricio Collocini wants to leave the Galician club, Deportivo aimed at one of Argentina's best fullbacks, Hernan Pellerano from Velez Sarsfield.

River Plate in Ecuador

Given the growing number of football talents, produced in Ecuador, River Plate decided to open a perminent representation in Guayaquil. Let's recall that one of South America's best young payers, Alberto Valencia was very close to signing with "millionarios" a couple of years ago.

Luciano Leguizamon

The situation with Luciano Leguizamon, forward of Gimnasia La Plata, is weird. After he traded jerseys in a clasico against Estudiantes with Juan Sebastian Veron, who asked for Leguizamon's jersey for his adopted son, Gimnasia's hincha, the fans of El Lobo accused Leguizamon in betrayal and insisted in taking him out of the squad. Gimnasia's notorious president Munoz added to hystery by accusing Luciano in "breaking the codes of football". The future of extremely talented player is unclear.

Friday, November 2, 2007

New National Teams

The previously published squads of new national teams of Argentinean provinces and Brazilian states did not include many famous players, who were born in smaller states and provinces. But all of them could select wonderful teams too. Including the following players:


Paulo Nunes
Leonardo Manzi


Flavio (goleiro)
Denis Marques


Silvio Criciuma
Fernando Menegazzo




Dudu Cearense
Leandro Lima

Sandro Hiroshi

Kleber Pereyra

Marcelinho Paraiba



de Souza

Ariel Ortega

Andres Silvera
Cristian Tula

Hugo Ibarra

Diego Rivero
Mariano Messera
Carlos Marczuk

Daniel Diaz

Juan Krupoviesa
Gustavo Balvorin

Julio Marchant

Jose Sand

Christian Gimenez

Neri Cardozo

Luciano Leguizamon

Namesakes: Anderson

Number one here is, despite his young age, Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira, a young wonder from Gremio who shines today at Manchester United. The second popular is defenseman Anderson Cleber Beraldo, Corinthians' graduate who plays today for Olympic Lion. Besides, there is Anderson Polga in Porto, but he uses both his name and surname for his identification. An finally, the fans of course have not forgotten about famous Sonny Anderson da Silva Nilmar, who has already retired.

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Janos Szekely (Hung.)
[yanosh sekey]

Jaromír Šilhan (Czech.)
[yaromir shilgan]

John Wolyniec (Pol.)

Jonne Hjelm (Swed.)
[yunne yelm]

Josef Jindřišek (Czech.)
[yozef Yin-drzhi-shek]