Saturday, September 29, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Tomasz Kuszczak (Pol.)
The difficult "szcz" denotes a sound close to "shch" in "fresh cheese": [tomash kushchak].

Tor Hogne Aarøy (Nor.)
In Norwegian language the double "аа" is [o], the "о" is often read as [u], the "g" before "n" sometimes is read as "y", while "ø" after consonants is read as French "eu": [tur huine orøy].

Tuncay Şanlı (Tur.)
In Turkish language the "c" mean English "j". So, he is "Tunjay", not "Tunkay", as many think. While "Ş" is a Turkish [sh]: [tunjay shanli].

Václav Mrkvička (Czech.)
Czech "c" is [ts]. As for the surname, it has a hidden syllable: [vatslav m(o)rkvichka].

Vedran Ćorluka (Croat.)
Often the special sign over the "c" is omitted, which leads to a mispronunciation. Should be: [vedran chorluka].

Vanderlei Luxemburgo & Flamengo

Famous Brazilian coach Vandelei Luxemburgo, whose contract with Santos is almost over, and who would like to change a club, has received a superoffer from Flamengo. He has not only been offered a good salary, but also promised interest from players' sale.

Nelson Rivas

Colombian fullback of Inter Nelson Rivas has been suspended for one month due to cardiological problems. If further examination detects serious problems with player's heart, he won't be able to play in Italy, since the local clubs bear criminal responsibility for their players' health.

Argentinean National Team

Alfio Basile announced a list of players who will take part in first qualification matches for Mundial 2010 against Chile and Venezuela:

Keepers: Roberto Abbondanzieri (Getafe), Oscar Ustari (Getafe).

Defensemen: Daniel Díaz (Getafe), Gabriel Heinze (Real Madrid), Gabriel Milito (Barcelona), Javier Zanetti (Inter), Fabricio Coloccini (Deportivo), Martín Demichelis (Bayern), Nicolás Burdisso (Inter).

Midfielders: Esteban Cambiasso (Inter), Maxi Rodriguez (Atlético Madrid), Fernando Gago (Real Madrid), Jonás Gutiérrez (Mallorca), Javier Mascherano (Liverpool), Federico Insúa (América de México), Juan Román Riquelme (without a club).

Forwards: Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Javier Saviola (Real Madrid), Sergio Agüero (Atlético Madrid), Carlos Tevez (Manchester United).

Friday, September 28, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Steven Pienaar (Dut.)
In Dutch language the "ie" stands for a long [i], while doubled "аа" is pronounced as a single [a]: [pinar].

Szombathely (Hun.)
In this Hungarian surname you should remember two things: first, the "sz" stands for [s], and second, the "ly" is [y], as in "boy": [som-ba-tey].

Thomas Myhre (Dan.)
The "y" letter in Scandinavian languages stands for French [u] sound, if not at the beginning of a word. While the "h" is mute in this case: [miu-re] (with [iu] being one syllable).

Tim Cahill (Eng.)
Despite that the "h" is in intervocal position (between two vowels) here, in which it's often mute, in this case it's clearly pronounced: [ka-hill].

Tomasz Cywka (Pol.)
Unlike in Hungarian, in Polish the "sz" is [sh], while "с", as we told many times, is [ts] in Polish language. The "y" is different to "i", but the non-Polish are not likely to understand the difference. So, it's [tomash tsivka].

Ever Banega

President of Boca Juniors, Mauricio Macri, rejected Milan's proposal to buy Ever Banega for 14 million dollars. The price offered for one of the best Argentina's young players seemed too low for Macri.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Sami Hyypiä (Fin.)
In this tricky Finnish name the doubled "yy" is pronounced as single French "u": [hiu-pee-a], "iu" should be one syllable.

Sedgwick (Eng.)
Although the root "e" is omitted here, the "g" anyway should be read as in "gesture", not as a [g]: [sedzhwik].

Shunzuke Nakamura (Jap.)
First, the "Sh" is pronounced here as [sh], because it is followed by "u", not by "е" nor "i", and second, the Japanese swallow the second "u" in this name: [shunske].

Stephen Hunt (Eng.)
That's how the name [stiven] is written in English. Don't look for "Steven". Update: ok, look for Steven, there tons of them. Although, the correct way to spell this name is still "Stephen".

Stephen Wishart (Eng.)
Here the "s" and the "h" belong to various roots, hence don't form a [sh] sound: [wis-hart].

Transfers: Kleberson

Finally pentacampeon Kleberson managed to return home. After his intent to sign with Santos failed, the Paranaense joined Flamengo. In Europe Kleberson's last club was Turkish Besiktas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Raimond van der Gouw (Dut.)
The rules of Dutch language demand this surname to be pronounced as [van der gau].

Riccardo Scimeca (It.)
In Italian language "sc", if followed by "i" or "е", is read as [sh]: [shimeka].

Robert Malcolm (Eng.)
The second "l" in this surname is mute: [malkom].

Roman Bednář (Czech.)
Another example of a Czech surname with "ř", which is pronounced as [rzh]: [bednarzh].

Rudi Skácel (Czech.)
In Czech language the "с" is [ts]: [skatsel].

Transfers: Ze Maria

Well-known Brazilian winger Ze Maria signed with Sheffield United. The ex-player of Brazilian national team used to play for Inter and Parma. His last club was Spanish Levante.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Nicky Wroe (Eng.)
In English language the "Wr" combination at the beginning of a word has "W" mute.

Pavel Ricka (Czech.)
In Czech language "с" is always [ts], don't take the "ck" for English [k]. It's [tsk]: [pavel ritska].

Peñarol (Ur.)
Some forget sometimes about the tilde, which results in wrong pronunciation of a club's name. Should be [peniarol].

Péter Halmosi (Hung.)
Another Hungarian name to repeat the Hungarian phonetic rules. As the rest of similar Hungarian three-syllable surnames, this one has a stress over the first syllable: [peter halmoshi].

Pugh (Eng.)
This English name should be pronounced as [piu] (one-syllable).

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi, who has been sacked as a coach of Argentinos Juniors, has replaced Pablo Marini on the position of a chief coach of Newell's Old Boys. Before Argentinos Caruso Lombardi coached mainly small clubs like Temperley, Sportivo Italiano, Estudiantes de Caseros, Platense, El Porvenir, All Boys and Tigre.

Injuries: Alexis Sanchez

In a match of Argentinean Apertura against Tigre River Plate's yuong star Alexis Sanchez was attacked by defenseman Juan Carlos Blengio which resulted in torn ligaments. That means that next three months the hope of River and Chilean national team will have to spend without football.

Argentina: Apertura 2007, Week 10

Arsenal de Sarandí - Racing Club 0:1

Lanús - Estudiantes La Plata 1:0
Estudiantes turned out to be completely unprepared for the tournament.

Huracán - Colón de Santa Fe 2:2
Mendoza, Nieto - Romero, Gandin

Rosario Central - San Lorenzo 1:3
Silvera, Mendez, Hirsig - Vizcarra

Gimnasia La Plata - Banfield 0:1

San Martín San Juan - Vélez Sarsfield 3:2
Brusco (pen.), Tonelotto, Herrera - Silva, Balvorin (pen.)
An excellent win of modest provincial club. La Volpe's days at Velez are numbered.

Argentinos Juniors - Newell´s Old Boys 4:0
Hauche, Pereira (3)
An unexpected hat-trick of Uruguayan Pereira resulted in sacking of Newell's head coach.

Independiente - Olimpo Bahía Blanca 3:0
Montenegro, Denis (2)
Denis scored twice again and has now 13 goals in 10 games. An outstanding pace.

Tigre - River Plate 4:1
Martinez, Gimenez, Ayala (2) - Ruben
After that game Passarella started showing the signs of being prepared for defection to Monterrey. A wonderful win of small club over the giant does not seem that bright in light of severe injury of Alexis Sanchez who will be out of action for next three months.

Boca Juniors - Gimnasia de Jujuy 2:2
Boselli, Paletta - Miranda, Berza
Boca was sleeping by the end of the game and allowed a goal in injury time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Martin Švejnoha (Czech.)
Another Czech "h", which should be pronounced rather as [g], since it's voiced: [shvey-noga].

Metcalfe (Eng.)
In this surname the "l" is mute: [metkaf].

Mirsad Bešlija (Croat.)
This surname is read due to the rules common for the western slav languages: [mirsad beshliya].

Moritz Volz (Ger.)
In German language "v" is pronounced as [f], while "z" stands for [ts]: [folts].

Nick Farquharson (Scot./Austr.)
The surname is of Scottish origin - [farkerson], but in Australia it is pronounced differently: [farkuarson].

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Argentina & Brazil: Those Who Never Went to Europe

The emigration of Argentinean, Brazilian and Uruguayan players to Europe has become unprecedently active in last years. The talented players leave their homeland sometimes having not actually played in national leagues and hence having not gained their valuable experience. The wisest from this point of view seem to be those who managed to avoid the temptation and stay in South America at least till their 23-24 years. Let's have a look at those players.

Number one is, undoubtedly, River's leader Fernando Belluschi, who managed by his 23 to become Argentina's champion with Newells. Fernando now is in wonderful form, being a member of Argentinean national team, as well as one of world's best midfielders.

Another one to deserve some respect is once world champion with sub-20 Ariel Seltzer from Argentinos Juniors. This fullback remained faithful to his team both when it descended to the lower league, and when it returned and began to show some great football now.

Another outstanding Argentinean who remained loyal to his country despite his bright talent is Santiago Raymonda, playmaker of Instituto and Arsenal. He is 28 already.

Raymonda's club-mate, also a playmaker, Martin Andrizzi belongs to the same category. He is 31 already, but has never played abroad. He is considered as a very qualified specialist in Argentinean football.

Many Argentinean keepers of the highest class spend all their career at home. One of examples is Cristian Lucchetti, a keeper-scorer, who spent one season in Mexican Laguna Santos though.

Ex-defenseman of sub-20 Banfield's Marcos Galarza has reached 23 years, which means that he has played eight seasons in Argentinean league, and that his priceless experience is doubled by his youthfullness and energy. The best moment to move to Europe.

The same can be said about Galarza's mate forward Dario Cvitanich. He has blossomed by his 23 having turned into one of the most threatening Argentinean forwards.

Juan Krupoviesa, who is 27 now, remained faithful to Argentina and Boca too. At the present moment the member of Argentinean national team is injured.

One of the most classic cases is the one of Rodrigo Palacio. He is 25, he is a member of Argentinean national team, but he has never tried yet European pitches. Although Olympic Lyon expressed very serious interest to him a month ago.

Another one to never get to Europe is once Argentina's speediest defenseman Alcides Piccoli from Colon. He is 28 already and is unlikely to move abroad.

The same refers to very popular in Argentina forward Claudio Enria. This santafesino has tried great deal of Argentinean clubs, but never played for European ones, although could have felt himself perfect in any of them.

Gimnasia de Jujuy is lead this season by 27-year wonderful playmaker Cesar Carranza. Last year he conducted the game at Nueva Chicago. For unknown reasons the European scouts pay no attention to that skillful player.

Fernando Crosa has turned 28. Now he is somewhat lost, but a couple of years ago played for River Plate and was considered as one of Argentina's best fullbacks.

An experienced warrior, playmaker Pablo Batalla has reached 23 years too. This season he plays for Gimnasia de La Plata. Has never played in Europe either.

Cristian Cellay underwent all the testing and humiliation with his Huracan in lower league. Now this excellent defenseman is 26.

The brightest playmaker Rodrigo Diaz was away for Mexican Toluca for quite a brief period. The rest of his career was spent in Argentina, in particular in Independiente. Europe incomprehensibly does not express interest to that brilliant.

Of course, there is no way to forget about German Denis, the best Argentina's striker as of today. By his 26 this forward has developed so much, that is simply obliged to be invited to the national team. Europe does not notice him either.

The whole group of wonderful players, who are more than 23, but who never played in Europe, gathered in Lanus. First of all, Agustin Pelletieri, who already played for national team, as well as wonderful Marcos Aguirre and solid forward Jose Sand.

German Re is the only one to remain from the champion squad of Newells 2004. His outstanding level allowed him to move in either of directions, but he remained faithful to Newells.

Several excellent players who have never smelled the European grass, play today in Olimpo. In particular, River's alumnus playmaker Diego Barrado, 26, as well as defensemen Matias Villavicencio and Raul Saavedra.

Racing's Nicolas Cabrera and Cristian Pellerano have never left the country either. While Martin Romagnoli managed to become 30 without leaving Argentina too.

River's Paulo Ferrari and Danilo Gerlo could have been desired in any European grand. Instead they decided to spent the best years of the careers at home.

San Lorenzo boasts of several such players too. Jonathan Bottinelli has turned 23 several days ago, but this is already a tested warrior, wanted by many European grandees. Gaston Aguirre is a bit older, he is 26, but still has not played abroad. Neither have Cristian Tula (29), Gonzalo Hirsig (29) and Adrian Gonzalez (31).

Well, and finally, Velez Sarsfield with its experienced Mariano Uglessich, Walter Bustamante, Hernan Pellerano and Sergio Sena. In their cases the experience is combined with youthfullness and wonderful physical conditions.

In other words, it's quite possible to make a great Argentinean National Team out of the players who are older than 23 and who never played abroad. For example, it could be like this:
Cristian Lucchetti - Paulo Ferrari, Marcos Galarza, Hernan Pellerano, German Re - Fernando Belluschi, Santiago Raymonda, Rodrigo Diaz, Marcos Aguirre - German Denis, Rodrigo Palacio

Brazil too has many such players, despite that the Brazilians are tempted even more by the European clubs.

In Atletico Mineiro today there has been sticking out Corinthians' alumnus 24-year Coelho. In victorious for Corinthians season of 2005 he had played an important role.

Atletico Paranaense's anchorman Alan Bahia has never left country by his 24 years.

By his 25 years Botafogo's fullback Anselmo Vendrechovski, better known as Juninho, has turned into one of Brazil's best defensemen. Before Fogao he played for his native Coritiba.

One of Brazil's most talented playmakers Lucio Flavio by his 28 years left the homeland just once - for Arab Al-Ahli. Today he plays for Botafogo too.

Another one to have 26 years already is Cruzeiro's playmaker, who played in many Brazilian grandees, Marcinho. He neither crossed Brazilian border despite having an undoubtful and bright talent.

Keeper Fernando Enrique is 24, and he has been loyal to his Fluminense so far.

Another one to have a brief spell in Arab football is playmaker of many big Brazilian clubs, Tcheco. At least, he never played in Europe.

One of Brazil´s best defending midfielders today is named Martinez from Palmeiras. By his 27 years he has played exclusively at home.

Josiel from Parana is 27 too, and he is one of this year's best scorers. He has been wanted by many European clubs, but has been remaining at home for now.

One of Brazil´s best keepers, Fabio Costa from Santos, never played abroad in his 30.

Another defending midfielder Rodrigo Tabata (ex-Goias, now Santos) has played solely in Brazilian teams till his 27 without thinking of Europe. His qualification is beyond any doubts.

Pedrinho, well-known all over Brazil, spent just one season at Al-Ittihad, but most of his career was spent in Brazil. He is 30 already.

Rogerio Ceni, a keeping-striking legend spent 16 last years in Sao Paulo. He is 34 now and his case is one of the brightest, since he is a true world-class figure.

Those to never play abroad have been also Maurinho, once member of Brazilian national team, as well as respectful Corinthians' fullback Marinho. Both are old enough.

Dagoberto, despite being wanted by many European grandees, successfully managed to play at home till his 24, while the rest of his sub-20 mates have long been playing in Europe already.

Only after having turned 28 ex-playmaker of Goias and Sao Paulo Danilo was released to play in Japan.

Paulo Baier, one of the best Brasileirao's players today, is 33. He has never left country either.

Finally, extremely talented Flavio Luiz played at home till he turned 30.

So, the Brazilian National Team of those who are over 23, and who never played abroad, impresses too:
Rogerio Ceni - Coelho, Marinho, Juninho, Maurinho - Martinez, Marcinho, Lucio Flavio, Flavio Luiz - Dagoberto, Josiel

I don't know what you think, but to me those who prefered to stay at home seem to be twice as more respectful.

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Maciej Żurawski (Pol.)
In Polish language "с" stands for [ts] (if not in combination with "h"), "j" stands for [y], while "Ż" - for [zh]. The combination "ie" means a long mild [e]. "W" is [v]. So, [matsey zhuravski].

Mahon (Eng.)
Despite that it does not have an ending "e", it is pronounced as if it had one: [mahoun]. Note also, that a derivation "McMahon" is read differently too.

Mark Nygaard (Dan.)
In Danish language "y", if not at the begininng of a word, is read as [yu]: [nyugard].

Mark Yeates (Eng.)
This surname has several variants of pronunciation. We suggest the most common: [yeits].

Martin Slocombe (Eng.)
Another example of a "combe" root, in which the "b" is mute: [slokom].

Freddy Rincon

Famous Colombian Freddy Rincon, who, as we informed, was arrested by Brazilian police in connection to accusations in narcotraffic, has been released. In his interview the ex-star of Corinthians and Santos declared his innocence and attacked the chiefs of Santos who owe him 12 million reals.

Alexis Sanchez

The chiefs of River Plate were so impressed with the bright start in their team of young Chilean Alexis Sanchez, that they are doing their best now to keep him at least till 2009. Sanchez is still only 18.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

John O'Shea (Irl.)
This Irish surname should be pronounced as [o-shey].

Keogh (Irl.)
Another Irish surname which should be remembered: [kee-ou].

Kjetil Wæhler (Nor./Swed./Ger.)
In Norwegian and Swedish languages "kj" stands for [ch]. In German language the "h", if not at the beginning of a word, usually is mute. The letter "æ" denotes something between Latin [a] and [e] and should be rendered as [e]: [chetil veler].

Lukáš Brhlík (Czech.)
Another example of a Czech "h" which is always voiced and should be rendered in international transcription systems through [g]. Also there is a hidden syllable here among a heap of consonants: [lukash brglik].

Luke Chadwick (Eng.)
In English surnames with "-wick" suffix the last letter of a root is doubled while the "w" is not pronounced: [chaddik]. Although, in USA you may encounter a more predictable pronounciation.


Career of Atletico Mineiro's midfielder ex periences a run of bad luck. First, Coelho missed two penalties in the matches that ended with draws. Then he showed aggression towards Cruzeiro's Kerlon, and now is facing a ban of up to 18 months.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Jaroslaw Fojut (Pol.)
In Polish language "j" stands for [y]: [yaroslav foyut].

Jason Euell (Eng.)
In England itself they prefer a one-syllable pronunciation [yull]. Although a two-syllable variant is legitimate too: [yuell].

Jeffrey de Visscher (Hol.)
The Dutch "sch", as has been said many times, breaks apart into [s] and [h]: [viss-her].

Jiří Hrbáč (Czech.)
The Czech "ř" is pronounced with so strong aspiration that turns into [rzh], while the Czech "h" is always voiced and should be better approximated as [g]: [yir-zhi grbach]. Those, who have problemas with pronouncing [grbach], don't forget that there is a hidden syllable there: [g(o)rbach]. Hrbáč and Gorbatchov have the same root.

Joakim Sjöhage (Swed.)
In Swedish language "sj" is pronounced as [sh]: [sho-ha-ge].

Argentina: Apertura 2007, 9th Week

Gimnasia de Jujuy - Argentinos Juniors 1:1
Héctor Silva - Álvaro Pereira

Colon - Independiente 1:3
Guillermo Rodríguez (o.g.) - Carlos Matheu, German Denis (2)
German Denis is a leading scorer with 11 goals in 9 matches.

Olimpo - Gimnasia de La Plata 0:0

Estudiantes - Arsenal 1:1
Leandro Benítez - Leonardo Ulloa

Huracan - San Martin 2:1
Luciano Varaldo, Cristian Sánchez Prette - Sebastián Brusco (pen.)

Racing - Velez Sarsfield 1:0
Erwin Abalos
Velez continues its crazy win-and-lose swing.

Newell's Old Boys - Rosario Central 0:1
Martín Arzuaga (pen.)
A superclasico was won by Central. Both Rosario teams are extremely low in the descenso table.

San Lorenzo - Tigre 2:1
Santiago Hirsig, Andrés Silvera - Leandro Lázzaro (pen.)

River Plate - Lanus 3:1
Fernando Belluschi (2), Alexis Sánchez - José Sand
Fernando Belluschi scored five goals in two last matches and has been singlehandedly saving Passarella's reputation.

Banfield - Boca Juniors 0:6
Martín Palermo (4, 1 - pen.), Leandro Gracián, Pablo Ledesma (pen.)
A poker from great Martin Palermo.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Ian Baraclough (Eng.)
A very difficult name with unpredictable pronunciation: [barlow].

István Ferenczi (Hun.)
We have told many times that in Hungarian the "s" is always pronounced as [sh]. Now we present the [ts] sound, which is represented by a combination of "cz": [ishtvan ferentsi].

Ivan Sproule (Eng.)
Although this surname is often pronounced as [sprool], the player himself prefers being called as [sproul].

Jamie Clapham (Eng.)
The "p" and "h" letters do not form the [f] sound, as some might have thought. They belong to various roots, and the word is pronounced as [klepem], with "h" mute, of course.

Jared Hodgkiss (Eng.)
Although the "g" is not followed by "e", it's still a derivation from "hodge", and should be pronounced as "hodge kiss", not [hodgkiss]. The same story with "Hodgson" - "Hodge son".

Transfers: Breno

Sao Paulo's fullback Breno, who is the best on this position in Brasileirao as of today, and who scored a golazo against Santos yesterday, may soon leave the club too. The scouts of Fiorentina arrived specifically to watch the fullback and liked him a lot.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Gabor Király (Hun.)
In Hungarian language the "ly" is pronounced as [y], as in "boy": [gabor kiray].

Gary Doherty (Irl.)
In this Irish surname the "h" is mute.

Gary Loughran (Eng.)
This difficult English surname is pronounced like [loo-ran].

Guillaume Beuzelin (Fr.)
This French player should be pronounced as [giy-yom böz-len].

Harald Hjelseth Aksnes (Nor.)
In Norwegian language the starting "H" is mute before the "j": [harald yelset aksnes].

Transfers: Nilmar

Finally Nilmar has been announced as a new player of its native Internacional, which outdid Sao Paulo and Santos and bought 60% of talented forward's pass for 3 million euros. Nilmar once had an unsuccessfull voyage to Olympic Lyon, and later became a Brazilian champion with Corinthians.

Transfers: Amaral & Heverton

Corinthians goes on refilling the vacancies left by invasion of European scouts. This time there have been signed forward Heverton from Ponte Preta and young right-wing Amaral, who moved from the deadliest rival, Palmeiras.

Transfers: Roger

Botafogo finally solved its main problem by signing keeper Roger. Previously he was a substitute of Fabio Costa in Santos.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Latinos in Champions League

The Champions League is about to start. For those who prefer Latin football, here is a glance at CL's squads through the Latin filter.

Liverpool: Fabio Aurelio (Brazil), Gabriel Paletta (Argentina), Javier Mascherano (Argentina), Sebastian Leto (Argetnina), Lucas Leiva (Brazil)
Olympic Marseille – no Latin Americans
Besiktas: Ricardinho (Brazil), Rodrigo Tello (Chile), Matias Delgado (Argentina), Marcio Nobre (Brazil), Bobo (Brazil)
Porto: Helton (Brazil), Jorge Fucile (Uruguay), Paulo Assuncao (Brazil), Lucho Gonzalez (Argentina), Mariano Gonzalez (Argentina), Mario Ariel Bolatti (Argentina), Leandro Lima (Brazil), Lisandro Lopez (Argentina), Ernesto Farias (Argentina), Adriano (Brazil), Edgar (Brazil)
Although Paletta has been inscribed to play in CL, he has already returned home to play for Boca Juniors. Mascherano and Lucas will be competing for the same position. Sebastian Leto is most likely to stay on bench. The squad of Porto as always is looking very Latin. Ex-partners in Racing Mariano Gonzalez and Lisandro Lopez re-united here, as well as ex-Riverers Lucho Gonzalez and Ernesto Farias. Besides, bright Leandro Lima of Brazilian sub-20 is fresh and full of Brazilian energy. Besiktas will be lead by extremely sophisticated and skillful Ricardinho. Marseille turned out not to need Latins.

Valencia: Edu Gaspar (Brazil)
Chelsea: Alex (Brazil), Juliano Belletti (Brazil), Claudio Pizarro (Peru)
Rosenborg: Alejandro Lago (Uruguay)
Schalke-04: Marcelo Bordon (Brazil), Dario Rodriguez (Uruguay), Rafinha (Brazil), Gustavo Varela (Uruguay), Carlos Grossmuller (Uruguay)
Strange enough, but Valencia decided to have only Edu (the one from Arsenal), Rosenborg also has only one Latin American - once member of Uruguayan National Team Alejandro Lago. The choice of Latins in Chelsea, as always, is little apprehensible. While the Latin community in Schalke looks impressive, especially their Uruguayan playmaker Grossmuller, who has not yet got contaminated by European football.

Lazio: Lionel Scaloni (Argentina), Emilson Cribari (Brazil), Cristian Daniel Ledesma (Argentina)
Real: Pepe (Brazil), Gabriel Heinze (Argentina), Fernando Gago (Argentina), Julio Baptista (Brazil), Robinho (Brazil), Javier Saviola (Argentina), Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina)
Werder: Naldo (Brazil), Carlos Alberto (Brazil), Diego (Brazil)
Olympiakos: Julio Cesar (Brazil), Rodrigo Archubi (Argentina), Cristian Raul Ledesma (Argentina), Luciano Galletti (Argentina), Lionel Nunez (Argentina)
Lazio has only one realy threatening Latin trump, but weighty though - Ledesma. The guarantee for Real's successfull performance could be a striking combination of Robinho-Saviola-Higuain, but it's not likely that Schuster will be able to make such a clever move. Werder will be pulled ahead by a solid Brazilian tandem in the midfield. But what looks the most promising here is strongly argentinized Olympiakos.

Celtic - no Latin Americans
Milan: Dida (Brazil), Cafu (Brazil), Serginho (Brazil), Emerson (Brazil), Kaka (Brazil), Ronaldo (Brazil)
Benfica: Luisao (Brazil), Leo (Brazil), David Luiz (Brazil), Oscar Cardozo (Paraguay), Gonzalo Bergessio (Argentina), Angel di Maria (Argentina), Andres Diaz (Argentina)
Shakhtar: Ilsinho (Brazil), Nery Castillo (Mexico), Jadson (Brazil), Fernandinho (Brazil), Brandao (Brazil), Luiz Adriano (Brazil), Willlian (Brazil)
Celtic neither needs Latinos (which can be understood). Milan has nothing new. Alexandro Pato, who could be a very bright spot on this League, was not inscribed to play for Milan. Benfica's squad looks extremely impressive with two great freshers Cardozo and di Maria. The Brazilian midfield of Shakhtar is very promising too, especially when crowned by a diamond named Nery Castillo.

Olympic Lyon: Cris (Brazil), Anderson (Brazil), Juninho Pernambucano (Brazil), Fabio Santos (Brazil), Fred (Brazil)
Glasgow Rangers - no Latin Americans
Stuttgart: Ricardo Osorio (Mexico), Gledson (Brazil), Pavel Pardo (Mexico), Antonio da Silva (Brazil), Ewerthon (Brazil), Cacau (Brazil)
Barcelona: Rafael Marquez (Mexico), Gabriel Milito (Argentina), Edmilson (Brazil), Silvinho (Brazil), Deco (Brazil), Ronaldinho (Brazil), Giovani Dos Santos (Mexico), Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Nothing new in Lyon either, where all the faces are known to everyone. In Stuttgart too. The Scotts look as they decided to boycott Latin America. Finally, one of League's main questions will be if Reijkaard is going to have enough courage to send in in one squad Ronaldinho, Messi and dos Santos.

MU: Anderson (Brazil), Carlos Tevez (Argentina)
Roma: Doni (Brazil), Cicinho (Brazil), Juan (Brazil), David Pizarro (Chile), Rodrigo Taddei (Brazil), Mancini (Brazil)
Dinamo Kiyv: Carlos Correa (Brazil), Rodrigo (Brazil), Diogo Rincon (Brazil), Kleber (Brazil), Michael (Brazil)
Sporting: Anderson Polga (Brazil), Ronny (Brazil), Gladstone (Brazil), Carlos Paredes (Paraguay), Leandro Romagnoli (Argentina), Celsinho (Brazil), Derlei (Brazil), Liedson (Brazil)
MU has only two Latins, but each of them is able to win the League alone. Roma may play very well too if the game is conducted by David Pizarro, supported by a great recent acquisition in person of Cicinho. Dinamo has good chances too since they have in midfield a wonderful tandem of ex-Plameiras Correa and Michael. Finally, Sporting, as two other Portuguese clubs, is overwhelmed with Latin stars. The brightest are Argentinean Romagnoli and Brazilians Celsinho and Liedson.

Inter: Julio Cesar (Brazil), Ivan Cordoba (Colombia), Javier Zanetti (Argentina), Maxwell (Brazil), Maicon (Brazil), Nicolas Burdisso (Argentina), Walter Samuel (Argentina), Esteban Cambiasso (Argentina), Luis Antonio Jimenez (Chile), Nelson Rivas (Colombia), Santiago Solari (Argentina), Julio Ricardo Cruz (Argentina), Hernan Crespo (Argentina), David Suazo (Honduras)
PSV: Heurelho Gomes (Brazil), Cassio (Brazil), Alcides (Brazil), Fagner (Brazil), Carlos Salcido (Mexico), Edison Mendez (Ecuador), Jefferson Farfan (Peru), Jonathan Reis (Brazil)
CSKA: Ramon (Brazil), Daniel Carvalho (Brazil), Dudu (Brazil), Eduardo (Brazil), Vagner Love (Brazil), Jo (Brazil)
Fenerbahce: Roberto Carlos (Brazil), Edu Dracena (Brazil), Diego Lugano (Uruguay), Alex (Brazil), Marco Aurelio (Brazil), Deivid (Brazil)
The most Latin group where the leader is Inter with 14 latinos. Let's try to make a team out of them: Julio Cesar - Zanetti, Cordoba, Samuel, Burdisso - Maxwell, Cambiasso, Solari, Jimenez - Cruz, Crespo. Great team. PSV is not likely to surprise since their main star Farfan seems to have stalled. CSKA has very good Brazilians, but everything will depend upon their playmaker Carvalho. Great Alex has finally reached CL and is ready to lead Fenerbahce in search of title, supported by Lugano, Dracena and Robertos Carlos from behind, and strong Deivid ahead. If Alex has enough of inspiration, the titel could be won.

Steaua: Robinson Zapata (Colombia)
Arsenal: Gilberto Silva (Brazil), Denilson (Brazil), Eduardo da Silva (Brazil)
Sevilla: Dani Alves (Brazil), Aquivaldo Mosquera (Colombia), Federico Fazio (Argentina), Duda (Brazil), Adriano (Brazil), Renato (Brazil), Luis Fabiano (Brazil)
Slavia: Michel Fernando Costa (Brazil), Rogerio Botelho (Brazil)
The Romanian league has finally opened for the Latins too. Arsenal's da Silva is capable of anything. While Sevilla does not seem as a doubtless favorite anymore, since Dani Alves feels offended by team's chiefs who did not let him go to Chelsea. He is not likely to play that brilliantly again. The Brazilians of Czech Slavia are absolutely unknown as they came from the second Brazilian league, but that does not mean anything.

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Darren O'Dea (Irl.)
This Irish surname should be read like [o-day].

Darryl Flahavan (Eng.)
Another English surname of Irish origin, which should be remembered: [fleiv(e)n].

David Střihavka (Czech.)
The letter "ř" in Czech language is aspirated so that it turns from [r] almost into [zh]. In its turn Czech "h" is always voiced and should be rendered through [g] sound: [str(zh)igavka].

David Vaughan (Eng.)
A wide-spread English surname which one should better remember than guess every time how it should be pronounced: [von].

Fredrik Kjølner (Nor.)
In Norwegian language "кj" is pronounced as [h], while "ø" after the consonants is pronounced as [ö]: [hölner].

Douglas & Anailson

Corinthians keeps on looking for new blood. The two new candidates to put a striped jersey on are midfielders Douglas from Sao Caetano and Anailson from Atletico Goianense.

Osvaldo Ardiles & Huracan

Famous Osvaldo Ardiles has become a new coach of Huracan. The coaching career of world champion in 1978 impresses: Swindon Town, Newcastle, West Bromwich Albion, Tootenham Hotspurs, Chivas Guadalajara, Shimizu S-Pulse, Croacia Zagreb, Yokohama Marinos, Al-Ittihad, Racing, Tokyo Verdy, Beitar Jerusalem, Beimak.

Brazilian National Team

On the eve of two friendly matches against USA and Mexico Dunga made two replacements. Edu Dracena from Fenerbahce and Gladstone from Sporting replaced injured Alex (Chelsea) and Alex Silva (Sao Paulo).

Gustavo Barros Schelotto

One of two famous "mellizos" Barros Schelotto, Gustavo, announced his retirement. A very talented playmaker, who, nevertheless, has always been outshadowed by his twin brother Guillermo, played for Gimnasia de La Plata, Boca Juniors, Union, Racing, Rosario Central, Villareal, Alianza Lima and Islanders (Puerto Rico).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Brasileirao 2007

The best players of Brasileirao'07 as of now:

1. Thiago Neves (Fluminense)
2. Valdívia (Palmeiras)
3. Wagner (Cruzeiro)
4. Leandro Amaral (Vasco da Gama)
5. Breno (São Paulo)

The ideal team of Brasileirao'07 as of now:

Keeper: Diego Cavalieri (Palmeiras)
Right Wing: Coelho (Atletico Mineiro)
Central Defensemen: Breno (Sao Paulo) & Juninho (Botafogo)
Left Wing: Kleber (Santos)
Volantes: Rycharlison (Sao Paulo) & Martinez (Palmeiras)
Meias: Thiago Neves (Fluminense) & Valdivia (Palmeiras)
Forwards: Leandro Amaral (Vasco da Gama) & Kleber Perreira (Santos)

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Artur Boruc (Pol.)
In Polish language "c", if not followed by "h", is pronounced as [ts]: [bo-roots].

Banguera (Col.)
"U" in this surname is mute. It only indicates that "g" should be pronounced as [g], not as [h]: [bangera].

Ben Alnwick (Eng.)
This fancy surname is pronounced fancily too: [enik].

Benny Feilhaber (Ger.)
The surname of this US player is German and according to the rules of this language should be read like [failhaber]. To know what he himself pronounces it like, go and ask himself.

Carl Hoefkens (Belg.)
Another Dutch surname (although belonging to a Belgian) with an "oe" combination, which is pronounced as [oo]: [hoofkens].

Rangers (Chil.)
In Chile the name of this club is pronounced as [rangers] or [ranzhers] (thanks to Jaime Chile for information).

Transfers: Hugo Colace

Argentinean Hugo Colace, who, as it was told earlier, was sounded by Flamengo, signed a contract with Brazilian giant till June. Estudiantes' ex-midfielder will be presented to the torcida this week.


Another Argentinean club saw its coach resign this week. Antonio Mohamed left the post of Huracan's coach due to misunderstanding with the clubs's president, famous Carlos Babington. Babington wants to offer the post now to ex-jugador of Velez Sarsfield Fabian Carrizo, while 400 hinchas of El Globo surrounded the Huracan's office demanding to get Mohamed back.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Argentina: forecast for the upcoming week-end

Only the following pairs are more or less predictable:

Banfield - Rosario Central
Central's players went on strike for being not paid with their salaries. Under such circumstances, as a rule, people don't play well.

Olimpo - Argentinos Juniors
Argentinos have changes a coach for unknowm reasons, that may result in worsening of their output.

Independiente - San Martin
It's possible that San Martin went a bit out of gas after three wins. In their turn, Independiente are eager to compensate the lack of luck in two last games.

In the rest of pairs, which are:
Gimnasia de Jujuy - Tigre
Huracan - Gimnasia de La Plata
Newell's Old Boys - Lanus
Estudiantes - Racing
San Lorenzo - Arsenal
Colon - Boca Juniors
River Plate - Velez Sarsfield

no one can be sure of anything.

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Ákos Buzsáky (Hun.)
We already told about Hungarian [sh]. Now you can see what Hungarian [zh] is like. It's rendered with "zs" in spelling: [akosh buzhaki]. Those who don't understand what [zh] is about, replace it with French [j].

Aleš Neuwirth (Czech./Ger.)
This Czech player has a Czech name and a German surname. According to the rules of German phonetics, "eu" should be pronounced as [oi]: [alesh noivirt].

Andy Reid (Eng.)
This popular English surname is pronounced as [reed].

Arjan de Zeeuw (Dut.)
The strangely looking Dutch surname is read more or less predictably: [ar-yan de ze-oov].

Arsenal de Sarandí (Arg.)
Unlike English Arsenal, its Argentinean namesake is pronounced with mild (French) "l". Also don't forget to put the stress onto the last syllable in Sarandi.

Transfers: Fabio Braz & Iran

After having sold its stars, Corinthians is trying to refill the vacuuum. Two 28-year players have been signed yesterday. Fullback Fabio Braz found himself on Vasco's bench after his failed move to Russian football, while left wing Iran has been ousted in Botafogo by Athirson.


Despite that the coach of Corinthians Ze Augusto has been expressed confidence from the side of club's administration, there have been confirmed rumors on negotiating with Adilson Batista, who used to play for Timão.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Wolverhampton Wanderers (Eng.)
Another case when the native speakers can't come to an agreement: [wulver(h)empt(o)n].

Wycombe Wanderers (Eng.)
As we already mentioned, in "mb" the "b", as a rule, is mute: [wikom].

Zagłębie Sosnowiec (Pol.)
In Polish language the very specific letter "ę" is pronounced very specifically too" [em]: [zag-lem-be sos-no-vets].

Zalaegerszeg (Hun.)
In Hungarian language "sz" stands for [s]: [za-la-eg-er-seg].

Cоritiba (Br.)
The name of this club should be pronounced like this. Although the most curious might find interesting to know that Brazilians pronounce it in their own, Brazilian way: [korichiba]. The name of the city of Curitiba is pronounced similarly too: [kurichiba].

Argentinos Juniors

Argentinos Juniors experienced an unexpected resign of their coach, Ricardo Carruso Lombardi, despite team's great start in Apertura. The new coach is famous Nestor Gorosito. The story of Carruso Lombardi's sacking becomes even more vague in light of the recent incident in one of road cafes, where he had been beaten by two strangers.

Hilario Navarro

Racing's keeper Hilario Navarro, who played outstandingly against River Plate, is waiting for an invitation from Alfio Basile. The keeper spent most of his career in Paraguayan clubs, but was born in Argentinean Corrientes and asks the chiefs of Argetninean football not to forget about this.

Gustavo Eberto

Sad news came arrived from Argentina. Boca's keeper Gustavo Eberto, 24, died of cancer. That's the fourth death of young Argentinean keepers in last several years. First, Huracan's keeper Sergio Schulmeister committed suicide, then two Independiente keepers died: Lucas Molina of a heart attack, and his namesake Emiliano Molina in a car accident.

Transfers: Adriano

Monaco under the guidance of Ricardo Gomes, goes on signing Brazilians. Next to forward Nene and defenseman Bolivar, the French league team bought in Italy another defenseman Adriano, who was raised in Gremio and belonged to Atalanta.

Transfers: Tiago Motta

Tiago Motta, born in Brazil but raised exclusively in Barcelona's cantera, moved to Atletico Madrid. In his new club he was met by his compatriots Cleber Santana and Diego Costa.

Transfers: Gil & Gonzalo Sorondo

Internacional which already boasts with a solid squad and bench, goes on reinforcing. This time the Colorado signed ex-playmaker of Corinthians and Brazilian National Team Gil, who returned from Spanish Gimnastic, as well as famous Uruguayan defenseman Gonzalo Sorondo, who helped last week-end his Defensor Sporting to beat Nacional in Uruguayan Apertura. Besides, by the end on this week in Internacional they expect signing of Nilmar.

Transfers: Cicero

An attacking midfielder Cicero, who has been training at Laranjeiras for some time now, is signing with Fluminense and may be a titular in their next game. Brazilian's previous club was Figuierense.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Argentina: Apertura 2007, 6th Week

Boca Juniors - Huracán 1:0
Ledesma (pen.)
Despite a loss on Bombonera, Huracan looked solid. The penalty was questionable enough for Huracan's coach Mohamed to be sent off for protesting against it. Boca has gone the riquelmeless period in the best possible manner having collected virtually the maximum of points. With Riquelme they are about only to improve.

Tigre - Banfield 1:0
Tigre's second straight win, this time against a strong Banfield. Looks like Diego Cagna knows how to build a competitive team out of nothing.

Rosario Central - Olimpo 1:1
Arzuaga - Lujambio
Rosario managed not to lose, thanks to the first Arzuaga's goal of the tournament. Olimpo should not be considered as a weak opponent, so for the Central it's an achievement after the series of losses.

Arsenal de Sarandí - Newell´s Old Boys 1:0
Arsenal has improved its miserable situation too having beaten unpredictable Newell's. The teams in this Apertura go unprecedently even.

Argentinos Juniors - Colón de Santa Fe 2:1
Ortigoza (pen.), Chitzoff (o.g.) - Cardetti
Argentinos broke their streak of two losses, while Colon broke their streak of three wins.

Lanús - Gimnasia de Jujuy 2:0
Aguirre, Valeri (pen.)
Lanus too contributed to the evenness of Argentinean league this autumn, having outplayed the Jujenos. The games become less and less predictable.

Gimnasia La Plata 1:0 Independiente
The loudest El Lobo's week's win over Independiente that had been looking invincible. Julio Cesar Falcioni confirms his reputation of one of Argentina's best coaches.

San Martín San Juan - Estudiantes La Plata 1:0
Jointly with Rosario Central Estudiantes seems the weakest Apertura's team as of now. San Martin has already turned into a considerable power to be taken into account by everyone.

Vélez Sarsfield - San Lorenzo 2:0
Zapata, Silva
Velez keeps strictly its 50% win/loss rate. This time La Volpe explained the victory by mystic forces.

Racing Club - River Plate 1:1
Sava (pen.) - Lussenhoff
River played without Belluschi and should be extremely content with the result. Racing severely lacks points.

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Shimizu S-Pulse (Jap.)
Another example when "sh" in Japanese language is followed by "i". In such cases it's pronounced as [s].

Southend United (Eng.)
Although not completely adequate, but it's inevitable to render English "th" as [t] in foreign languages.

Torquay United (Eng.)
The name of this town from Devon should be pronounced as [tor-kee].

União de Leiria (Port.)
"União" is a Portuguese equivalent to Panlatin "union", and should be pronounced like this too: [union].

Vasas (Hun.)
Another name of a Hungarian club to remember well that in Hungarian language "s" alone is read as [sh].

Marcelo Moreno

Cruzeiro's young forward Marcelo Moreno has been invited to Bolivian National Team. He is a son of ex-Palmeiras' Brazilian Mauro Martins and Bolivian Ruth Moreno. In his 15 Marcelo debuted in Oriente Petrolero, but in a year moved to Brazilian Vitoria and has been playing in Brazil since then.
I apologize for misspelling the name of Matthaus in one of the posts.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Paços de Ferreira (Port.)
Sometimes the Portuguese "ç" is misinterpreted as "c". Should be [pasoosh].

Pécs (Hun.)
In Hungarian language "cs" stands for [ch] - [pech].

Rochdale (Eng.)
Actually, it's predictable - [rochdeil], but one could suspect any way to pronounce the name of this English club.

Rotherham United (Eng.)
Once again, in "-ham" suffix the "h" is mute, while English "th" should be better renedered through [t] in foreign languages, although it's not the same: [roterem].

Ruch Chorzów (Pol.)
As we already said, the accent sign over the Polish "o" turn it into [oo]. In its turn, "ch" in Polish means [h] (not mute!), while "w" is [v]. And finally, the very tricky "rz" should be rendered as [zh] or French [j]: [rooh hozhoov].

Rogerio Ceni breaks a record

Rogerio Ceni of Sao Paulo has not been allowing goals for 695 minutes already. That's a new record of Brazilian championship. The previous one belonged to famous Waldir Perez.