Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breaking News: Angel di Maria!

Rosario Central's Angel di Maria, who showed outstanding football at Mundial sub-20, will not be sold within the country. That was a reaction of Central's president, Pablo Scarabino to Boca's offer to buy the young talent. Rosario Central has reportedly been already offered 5 million from the side of Arsenal London, but Scarabino says that the price for the midfielder has not been defined yet.

Meanwhile Rosario Central won a friendly match against Tiro Federal (2:1) with such a line-up:
Cristian Alvarez; Juan Grabowski, Ronald Raldes, Andrés Imperiale; Tomás Costa, Damián Ledesma, Leonardo Borzani, Emiliano Papa; Andrés Díaz; Gonzalo Belloso and Martín Arzuaga

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