Friday, July 27, 2007

Correct Pronunciation of Foreign Names: Letter "B"

Barijho (span.)
Usually "jh" is used in Caribbean region to make Spanish public read the names in English manner, like in "Jhohnny", to avoid reading it as "Honny", in Spanish way. But that's not the case of Argentinean striker. He is [bariho].

Beckham (eng.)
The suffix "-ham" in English language is pronounced without "h", which is mute in this case.

Belluschi (arg./it.)
There is no sense to try to read this surname according to Spanish phonetics - you'll end up with the broken tongue. It's an Italian one, and should be read in Italian.

Betis (span.)
The first syllable is stressed in the name of this Spanish club.

Bianchi (arg./it.)
Another Italian surname of an Argentinean, which can be read either way in Argentina. Although the high-brow Argentineans prefer to pronounce the Italian surnames in Italian.

Bolaño (span.)
The tilde is not shown often, hence the wrong pronunciation of this Colombian player's name.

Bouma (dut.)
"Ou" in Dutch language is pronounced as [au] - like in English "how".

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