Sunday, July 29, 2007

Correct Pronunciation of Foreign Names: Letter "C" (continued)

Cо́rdoba (span.)
The names of Spanish and Argentinean cities (as well as people's names, derived from them) are often pronounced incorrectly, Especially by the beginners. The stress should be put here onto the first syllable.

Cо́ria (span.)
That's the exception we talked about before. Unlike in most Spanish surnames ending with "-ia", in this case the first syllable is stressed.

Corinthians (br.)
Brazilians don't pronounce the second "n" in the name of this great club.

Corretja (cat.)
Catalan "tj" sounds like English "j". The variant which many are so accustomed to - [kor-ret-ha] - is so wrong.

Coudet (arg.)
Actually, you can pronounce this French surname according to the French rules, but in this case no one in Buenos Aires will understand who you are talking about. The local public's pet is called there {ko-oo-de't}. Or simply "El Chacho".

Cruyff (dut.)
The correct traditional spelling of this surname is "Cruijff". "Ui" is pronounced like French "eu". The Englishmen, obviously, may pronounce it as "Kroyff" too.

Cuauhtemoc (mex.)
Often the second "u" is forgotten in this Aztecan name. But it exists and is pronounced.

Cufrе (arg.)
In the surname of this Argentinean raised in Gimnasia La Plata, the stress falls onto the last syllable.

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