Friday, October 19, 2007

Argentinean Ukrainians, part 2

It's a sequel to the first part of this megaproject which promises to get prolonged for years, until someone realizes that Ukraine is simply obliged to bring its compatriots back home, even if only in form of football players, as well as to disfruit from the fact that Ukraine is represented in Argentina with huge community the same that Italy and Spain disfruit from being presented there by their communities as well. I hope, everyone enjoyed the 2001 epopee with inviting Camps, Klimowicz, Chatruk and Kmet to Ukrainian national team. The idea was appreciated by the whole world except for the chiefs of Ukrainian football. OK, we'll wait. For now, for those who liked the first part, here is the part number two.

During six years that passed since the documentary on "Ukrainian Four" saw the light, no new Ukrainian players of the level of those four emerged in Argentina. Patricio Camps (35) retired. Julian Kmet (30) hasn't been able to get out of his decline, having traded many teams of the first and second division (now in Ferro). Jose Chatruk (31) after roaming over many famous teams returned to his beloved Racing. Diego Klimowicz (33) obtained Polish citizenship and traded Wolfsburg for Borussia Dortmund. But there have always been other players, whom we shouldn't forget in no way.

First, let's pay tribute to great forward Adrian Czornomaz (39), who was shining during 90s in Independiente and later re-wrote all the records of Nacional B. Played in Austria a little. He was a real star.

Jorge Balanda. A nephew of one of the leaders of Ukrainian community in Argentina, he played in defense of Quilmes for some time, now in Los Andes (Nacional B).

Carlos Marczuk (30). Another native of "Ukrainian" province of Misiones, he played on the right wing of Instituto and Colon, then in Peru (including for Sporting Cristal). Now he returned home and plays in Misiones for Crucero del Norte.

Maximiliano Kondratiuk. A keeper of San Martin from San Juan. This year he burst with his sensational club into la Primera.

Daniel Mielnicchuk. Another keeper who has been balancing for a couple of years between the main squad and reserve of Independiente.

Marcelo Kobystij (35). Several years ago he was a titular defenseman at Huracan, but then descended with his club into Nacional B, now seems to have retired.

Lucas Ischuk. A keeper with a solid reputation. Has experience of playing in the prime league. Now is with Atletico Tucuman.

Carlos Kletnicki. This keeper has been playing for many years now for Gimnasia La Plata. May be a Pole too.

Javier Klimowicz. Another keeper. This one with an interesting career. Several years ago he moved to Ecuadorian league, where became a nation's pet, got Ecuadorian citizenship and may play now for Ecuador.

And now some unique names, which Ukrainians simply are obliged to know about.

Daniel Dobryk (32). A unique player. In River Plate Hernan Crespo had no chances under this Ukrainian forward! What spoiled him his career was his uncontrolled agressiveness. He is known as one of the grittiest and respectful Argentinean players. With the course of time he started playing a playmaker. Now plays in Mendoza for Deportivo Guaymayen. This player evokes special pity for not being regarded by his motherland.

Guillermo Szeszurak (also 30+). This Ukrainian when playing for River Plate was an idol of you know who? Javier Saviola! But his career wans't lucky either and he spent it on playing for the lower leagues clubs, having scored lots of goals. Now he has retired and opened a football school of his own.

Sergio Diduch (30). This forward was raised by Boca Juniors, although did not managed to play for the great club. He spent his career in the league of Honduras, and is stil there as of now.

Ricardo Wisniewski. This forward is still young and had wonderful press some time ago. Now he is in Venezuelan Monegas.

There are more players of Ukrainian origin in Argentina, simply remember them:

Miguel Angel Kosciuk (Los Andes)
Victor Sieracki (Ferrocaril Sud)
Maximiliano Serafinovich (Sporting Bahia Blanca)
Sergio Kaezuk (San Miguel)
Orlando Iwanski (Ituzaingo)
Silvio Rudnicki (Laferrere)
Hernan Kisnaszuk (Barracas)
Flavio Pavich (Acassuso)
Carlos Renyinski (Leandro N. Alem)
Cesar Gaczynski (Excursionistas)
Sergio Mazur
Pablo Derkacz
Gustavo Pysiak

Viva Ucrania!


Artur Karpiński said...

You're wrong on half of them. Some of them are Polish not Ukrainian.

rinoceronte said...

That's the big problem of Argentinean Ukrainians. Most of them arrived in Argentina with Polish passports 100 years ago. Hence many of them don't know their real ancestry, and discover it only now. Although, some of them may be Polish, that´s true.