Monday, October 8, 2007


River Plate: Juan Pablo Carrizo - Paulo Ferrari, Nicolas Sanchez, Eduardo Tuzzio - Leonardo Ponzio, Oscar Ahumada, Fernando Belluschi, Augusto Fernandez (Matias Abelairas), Ariel Ortega (Andres Rios), Diego Buonanotte (Mauro Rosales) - Radamel Falcao Garcia

Boca Juniors: Mauricio Caranta - Hugo Ibarra, Gabriel Paletta, Jonathan Maidana, Claudio Morel Rodriguez - Ever Banega, Pablo Ledesma, Neri Cardozo, Leandro Gracian (Sebastian Battaglia) - Martin Palermo, Rodrigo Palacio (Alvaro Gonzalez)

Goals: Radamel Falcao Garica, Ariel Ortega (pen.)

At the end of the first half Even Banega was sent off.

Superclasico turned out to be interesting only in the first half, where all the events took place. Garcia scored a golazo after a great assist of Belluschi. Then Ortega twice shot from the penalty spot, after Caranta moved before Ortega touched the ball. Young Buonanotte who is rapidly becoming a star before our eyes, dribbled a lot, very fancily and very effectively. That was him who was marked illegally by Paletta and earned the penalty. What put an end to the game still in the first half was sending off Boca's best player as of now, Ever Banega, who received his second yellow card.
Boca's loss was stipulated by the absense of activity and constructivism in the midfield. Neither Gracian, nor Cardozo, nor Ledesma managed to fulfill playmaking functions, hence the superpair of forwards ran idle for most of time. While Passarella this time cleverly decided not to make stupid things, and as a result enjoyed a great win. It's hard to believe that with such a bright squad River is in the misddle of the table with half of the points lost.

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