Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brazilian Slavs

In Brazil he number of players of Ukrainian origin is not that big. The main star has been Helcio (Helcio Roberto Alisk) who has been a leading midfielder in many Brazilian clubs. He is 38 now. Another great player is Santos' playmaker Tcheco. He has no Ukrainian blood, but was raised by Ukrainian community in Curitiba, attended Ukrainian church and school and began playing football in local team named "Poltava". The latest information (thanks to DGM) also enlists Rafael Sobis among Brazilian Ukrainians. He said in one of his interviews that he is Ukrainian on his father's side. The rest of Brazilian Slavs (mainly Poles) is as follows:

Marcos Skavinski (Marcao)
Anselmo Vendrechovski (Juninho)
Filipe Kasmirski (Filipe)
William Kozlowski (William)
Leopoldo Markovski (Leo)
Germano Borowicz (Germano)
Marcio Glad (Marcinho or Marcinho Guerreiro)

Of them only the last one returned to his motherland and is playing for Metallurg Donetsk.

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