Sunday, October 7, 2007

New National Teams: Bahia

We continue presenting wonderful new national teams that might have made look any tournament, starting with the World Cup, much fancier. This time it's a National Team of Brazilian Bahia state. Despite that both its clubs (Bahia and Vitoria) are far now from their best conditions, the quality of the players they brought up is incredible. Look yourself (the team consists of the players born in the state of Bahia):


Fabio Costa (Dida)

Dani Alves (Baiano)
Fabão (Junior Baiano)
Adailton (Jean)
Junior (Leilton)

Alan Bahia (Bebeto Campos)
Fabio Baiano (Gil Baiano)
Alessandro Cambalhota (Vampeta)
Danilo (Jorge Wagner)

Liedson (Obina)
Magno Alves (Edilson)

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