Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brazilian Germans

If German national team one day finds itself lacking players, it has a precious superresource in Brazil, where many local players have German surnames:

Kretzer (Flavio)
Spellmeier (Felipe)
Hahn (Jerri)
Mestiner (Mauro)
Boeck (Marcelo)
Richartz (Eder)
Muller (Luiz Muller)
Hering (Hering)
Stival (Cleyber)
Scherpel (Eduardo)
Vergner (Danilo)
Buttenberder (Fernando)
Schwenk (Schwenk)
Weisheimer (Guilherme)
Mutt (Jorge Mutt)
Hinterholz (Danrlei)
Back (Marciel)
Hubner (Ramon)
Baier (Paulo Baier)
Lammel (Anderson Lammel)
Doring (Andre)
Horn (Neto)
Diniz (Fernando Diniz)
Diniz (Wagner Diniz)
Hahn (Marcio Hahn)
Schmitz (Rafael Schmitz)
Schmidt (Edu)
Hallmann (Geufer)

While the half of them for some reason are keepers, the efforts of Herr Ramon, Herr Danilo and Herr Paulo Baier, jointly with Edu from Betis and Rafael Schmitz from Birmingham, as well as Wagner Diniz, who has gained wonderful form, will be definitely enough to win the World Cup. In other words, the German team could be easily compiled of Brazilian Germans alone.

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