Sunday, September 16, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Ian Baraclough (Eng.)
A very difficult name with unpredictable pronunciation: [barlow].

István Ferenczi (Hun.)
We have told many times that in Hungarian the "s" is always pronounced as [sh]. Now we present the [ts] sound, which is represented by a combination of "cz": [ishtvan ferentsi].

Ivan Sproule (Eng.)
Although this surname is often pronounced as [sprool], the player himself prefers being called as [sproul].

Jamie Clapham (Eng.)
The "p" and "h" letters do not form the [f] sound, as some might have thought. They belong to various roots, and the word is pronounced as [klepem], with "h" mute, of course.

Jared Hodgkiss (Eng.)
Although the "g" is not followed by "e", it's still a derivation from "hodge", and should be pronounced as "hodge kiss", not [hodgkiss]. The same story with "Hodgson" - "Hodge son".

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