Thursday, September 20, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Maciej Żurawski (Pol.)
In Polish language "с" stands for [ts] (if not in combination with "h"), "j" stands for [y], while "Ż" - for [zh]. The combination "ie" means a long mild [e]. "W" is [v]. So, [matsey zhuravski].

Mahon (Eng.)
Despite that it does not have an ending "e", it is pronounced as if it had one: [mahoun]. Note also, that a derivation "McMahon" is read differently too.

Mark Nygaard (Dan.)
In Danish language "y", if not at the begininng of a word, is read as [yu]: [nyugard].

Mark Yeates (Eng.)
This surname has several variants of pronunciation. We suggest the most common: [yeits].

Martin Slocombe (Eng.)
Another example of a "combe" root, in which the "b" is mute: [slokom].

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