Friday, September 21, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Martin Švejnoha (Czech.)
Another Czech "h", which should be pronounced rather as [g], since it's voiced: [shvey-noga].

Metcalfe (Eng.)
In this surname the "l" is mute: [metkaf].

Mirsad Bešlija (Croat.)
This surname is read due to the rules common for the western slav languages: [mirsad beshliya].

Moritz Volz (Ger.)
In German language "v" is pronounced as [f], while "z" stands for [ts]: [folts].

Nick Farquharson (Scot./Austr.)
The surname is of Scottish origin - [farkerson], but in Australia it is pronounced differently: [farkuarson].

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