Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Ákos Buzsáky (Hun.)
We already told about Hungarian [sh]. Now you can see what Hungarian [zh] is like. It's rendered with "zs" in spelling: [akosh buzhaki]. Those who don't understand what [zh] is about, replace it with French [j].

Aleš Neuwirth (Czech./Ger.)
This Czech player has a Czech name and a German surname. According to the rules of German phonetics, "eu" should be pronounced as [oi]: [alesh noivirt].

Andy Reid (Eng.)
This popular English surname is pronounced as [reed].

Arjan de Zeeuw (Dut.)
The strangely looking Dutch surname is read more or less predictably: [ar-yan de ze-oov].

Arsenal de Sarandí (Arg.)
Unlike English Arsenal, its Argentinean namesake is pronounced with mild (French) "l". Also don't forget to put the stress onto the last syllable in Sarandi.

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