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Argentina & Brazil: Those Who Never Went to Europe

The emigration of Argentinean, Brazilian and Uruguayan players to Europe has become unprecedently active in last years. The talented players leave their homeland sometimes having not actually played in national leagues and hence having not gained their valuable experience. The wisest from this point of view seem to be those who managed to avoid the temptation and stay in South America at least till their 23-24 years. Let's have a look at those players.

Number one is, undoubtedly, River's leader Fernando Belluschi, who managed by his 23 to become Argentina's champion with Newells. Fernando now is in wonderful form, being a member of Argentinean national team, as well as one of world's best midfielders.

Another one to deserve some respect is once world champion with sub-20 Ariel Seltzer from Argentinos Juniors. This fullback remained faithful to his team both when it descended to the lower league, and when it returned and began to show some great football now.

Another outstanding Argentinean who remained loyal to his country despite his bright talent is Santiago Raymonda, playmaker of Instituto and Arsenal. He is 28 already.

Raymonda's club-mate, also a playmaker, Martin Andrizzi belongs to the same category. He is 31 already, but has never played abroad. He is considered as a very qualified specialist in Argentinean football.

Many Argentinean keepers of the highest class spend all their career at home. One of examples is Cristian Lucchetti, a keeper-scorer, who spent one season in Mexican Laguna Santos though.

Ex-defenseman of sub-20 Banfield's Marcos Galarza has reached 23 years, which means that he has played eight seasons in Argentinean league, and that his priceless experience is doubled by his youthfullness and energy. The best moment to move to Europe.

The same can be said about Galarza's mate forward Dario Cvitanich. He has blossomed by his 23 having turned into one of the most threatening Argentinean forwards.

Juan Krupoviesa, who is 27 now, remained faithful to Argentina and Boca too. At the present moment the member of Argentinean national team is injured.

One of the most classic cases is the one of Rodrigo Palacio. He is 25, he is a member of Argentinean national team, but he has never tried yet European pitches. Although Olympic Lyon expressed very serious interest to him a month ago.

Another one to never get to Europe is once Argentina's speediest defenseman Alcides Piccoli from Colon. He is 28 already and is unlikely to move abroad.

The same refers to very popular in Argentina forward Claudio Enria. This santafesino has tried great deal of Argentinean clubs, but never played for European ones, although could have felt himself perfect in any of them.

Gimnasia de Jujuy is lead this season by 27-year wonderful playmaker Cesar Carranza. Last year he conducted the game at Nueva Chicago. For unknown reasons the European scouts pay no attention to that skillful player.

Fernando Crosa has turned 28. Now he is somewhat lost, but a couple of years ago played for River Plate and was considered as one of Argentina's best fullbacks.

An experienced warrior, playmaker Pablo Batalla has reached 23 years too. This season he plays for Gimnasia de La Plata. Has never played in Europe either.

Cristian Cellay underwent all the testing and humiliation with his Huracan in lower league. Now this excellent defenseman is 26.

The brightest playmaker Rodrigo Diaz was away for Mexican Toluca for quite a brief period. The rest of his career was spent in Argentina, in particular in Independiente. Europe incomprehensibly does not express interest to that brilliant.

Of course, there is no way to forget about German Denis, the best Argentina's striker as of today. By his 26 this forward has developed so much, that is simply obliged to be invited to the national team. Europe does not notice him either.

The whole group of wonderful players, who are more than 23, but who never played in Europe, gathered in Lanus. First of all, Agustin Pelletieri, who already played for national team, as well as wonderful Marcos Aguirre and solid forward Jose Sand.

German Re is the only one to remain from the champion squad of Newells 2004. His outstanding level allowed him to move in either of directions, but he remained faithful to Newells.

Several excellent players who have never smelled the European grass, play today in Olimpo. In particular, River's alumnus playmaker Diego Barrado, 26, as well as defensemen Matias Villavicencio and Raul Saavedra.

Racing's Nicolas Cabrera and Cristian Pellerano have never left the country either. While Martin Romagnoli managed to become 30 without leaving Argentina too.

River's Paulo Ferrari and Danilo Gerlo could have been desired in any European grand. Instead they decided to spent the best years of the careers at home.

San Lorenzo boasts of several such players too. Jonathan Bottinelli has turned 23 several days ago, but this is already a tested warrior, wanted by many European grandees. Gaston Aguirre is a bit older, he is 26, but still has not played abroad. Neither have Cristian Tula (29), Gonzalo Hirsig (29) and Adrian Gonzalez (31).

Well, and finally, Velez Sarsfield with its experienced Mariano Uglessich, Walter Bustamante, Hernan Pellerano and Sergio Sena. In their cases the experience is combined with youthfullness and wonderful physical conditions.

In other words, it's quite possible to make a great Argentinean National Team out of the players who are older than 23 and who never played abroad. For example, it could be like this:
Cristian Lucchetti - Paulo Ferrari, Marcos Galarza, Hernan Pellerano, German Re - Fernando Belluschi, Santiago Raymonda, Rodrigo Diaz, Marcos Aguirre - German Denis, Rodrigo Palacio

Brazil too has many such players, despite that the Brazilians are tempted even more by the European clubs.

In Atletico Mineiro today there has been sticking out Corinthians' alumnus 24-year Coelho. In victorious for Corinthians season of 2005 he had played an important role.

Atletico Paranaense's anchorman Alan Bahia has never left country by his 24 years.

By his 25 years Botafogo's fullback Anselmo Vendrechovski, better known as Juninho, has turned into one of Brazil's best defensemen. Before Fogao he played for his native Coritiba.

One of Brazil's most talented playmakers Lucio Flavio by his 28 years left the homeland just once - for Arab Al-Ahli. Today he plays for Botafogo too.

Another one to have 26 years already is Cruzeiro's playmaker, who played in many Brazilian grandees, Marcinho. He neither crossed Brazilian border despite having an undoubtful and bright talent.

Keeper Fernando Enrique is 24, and he has been loyal to his Fluminense so far.

Another one to have a brief spell in Arab football is playmaker of many big Brazilian clubs, Tcheco. At least, he never played in Europe.

One of Brazil´s best defending midfielders today is named Martinez from Palmeiras. By his 27 years he has played exclusively at home.

Josiel from Parana is 27 too, and he is one of this year's best scorers. He has been wanted by many European clubs, but has been remaining at home for now.

One of Brazil´s best keepers, Fabio Costa from Santos, never played abroad in his 30.

Another defending midfielder Rodrigo Tabata (ex-Goias, now Santos) has played solely in Brazilian teams till his 27 without thinking of Europe. His qualification is beyond any doubts.

Pedrinho, well-known all over Brazil, spent just one season at Al-Ittihad, but most of his career was spent in Brazil. He is 30 already.

Rogerio Ceni, a keeping-striking legend spent 16 last years in Sao Paulo. He is 34 now and his case is one of the brightest, since he is a true world-class figure.

Those to never play abroad have been also Maurinho, once member of Brazilian national team, as well as respectful Corinthians' fullback Marinho. Both are old enough.

Dagoberto, despite being wanted by many European grandees, successfully managed to play at home till his 24, while the rest of his sub-20 mates have long been playing in Europe already.

Only after having turned 28 ex-playmaker of Goias and Sao Paulo Danilo was released to play in Japan.

Paulo Baier, one of the best Brasileirao's players today, is 33. He has never left country either.

Finally, extremely talented Flavio Luiz played at home till he turned 30.

So, the Brazilian National Team of those who are over 23, and who never played abroad, impresses too:
Rogerio Ceni - Coelho, Marinho, Juninho, Maurinho - Martinez, Marcinho, Lucio Flavio, Flavio Luiz - Dagoberto, Josiel

I don't know what you think, but to me those who prefered to stay at home seem to be twice as more respectful.

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