Sunday, September 9, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Darren O'Dea (Irl.)
This Irish surname should be read like [o-day].

Darryl Flahavan (Eng.)
Another English surname of Irish origin, which should be remembered: [fleiv(e)n].

David Střihavka (Czech.)
The letter "ř" in Czech language is aspirated so that it turns from [r] almost into [zh]. In its turn Czech "h" is always voiced and should be rendered through [g] sound: [str(zh)igavka].

David Vaughan (Eng.)
A wide-spread English surname which one should better remember than guess every time how it should be pronounced: [von].

Fredrik Kjølner (Nor.)
In Norwegian language "кj" is pronounced as [h], while "ø" after the consonants is pronounced as [ö]: [hölner].

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