Monday, September 24, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Nicky Wroe (Eng.)
In English language the "Wr" combination at the beginning of a word has "W" mute.

Pavel Ricka (Czech.)
In Czech language "с" is always [ts], don't take the "ck" for English [k]. It's [tsk]: [pavel ritska].

Peñarol (Ur.)
Some forget sometimes about the tilde, which results in wrong pronunciation of a club's name. Should be [peniarol].

Péter Halmosi (Hung.)
Another Hungarian name to repeat the Hungarian phonetic rules. As the rest of similar Hungarian three-syllable surnames, this one has a stress over the first syllable: [peter halmoshi].

Pugh (Eng.)
This English name should be pronounced as [piu] (one-syllable).

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