Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Full Namesakes: Cristians Ledesmas

There are two Argentinean players with these name and surname, both are central midfielders, and both play equally great, thus confusing everyone. Let's clarify it once and forever. The one that has been invited now by Alfio Basile, is Cristian Raul Ledesma, 29, raised in Argentinos Juniors. He also played for River Plate, Hamburg, again for Argentinos Juniors. Last year he contributed strongly to San Lorenzo's title winning. This Ledesma will start new season in Greek Olimpiakos.
Another guy, Cristian Daniel Ledesma, 25, alumnus of Boca Juniors, who since 2001 played exclusively in Italy (Lecce and Lazio) is as great. That was him who knocked Francesco Totti out and then chipped a supergolazo over Doni's head in a Roman derby.
Boca Juniors now enjoys the services of a Ledesma of its own. But this is Pablo, should not be confused, obviously. While Independiente brought this year a forward from Paraguay, whose surname is Ledesma, and first name... Cristian!

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