Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Tomás (Span.)
In Spanish language this name has a stress over the last syllable.

Guimarães (Guimarão) (Port.)
The correct pronunciation of this club is [gimaraynsh], which is a plural form of "Guimarão". In Brazil it's pronounced differently: [gimaraes].

Coritiba (Br.)
Before 1908 both Brazilian city and a club were namesakes and were called "Coritiba". In 1908 they decided to correct the name of the city a bit and made in "Curitiba". While the club's name remained untouched. Hence the discrepancy.

Xerez (Span.)
Once that was the spelling of the city, and they say, that it even was read as [sheres]. But when it comes to the name of a club, it's pronounced in a more ordinary way - [heres].

Necaxa (Mex.)
In Mexico the letter "x" may be read as [h] (Mexico, Oaxaca) or [sh] (as Mixoacan is sometimes spelled). In our case the pronunciation is the most predictabe - [nekaksa].

Maracaná (Br.)
Must be only children who still make a mistake in this word. The last syllable should be stressed.

Darío (Span.)
This name which is very popular among Argentinean and Uruguayan players, has a stress over "i", not on the first syllable, as many think.

Boyacá Chicó (Col.)
Both words in the name of this Colombian club have stress over their last syllables.

Robson Ponté (Br.)
The sesond name of this very talented Brazilian is often misstressed. The last syllable should be stressed.

Tacuarembó (Ur.)
The same story as to the name of this Uruguayan city and club. The last syllable is stressed.

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