Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letters "R" & "Q"

Queudrue (Fr.)
Tricky name would sound like [kio-driu]. For the Englishmen, obviously, the optimal way to pronounce it would be [kodroo]/[kedroo].

Raleigh (Eng.)
The capital of North Carolina sometimes is a player's name too. [roli].

Rexach (Cat.)
A Catalan name which should sound [reshak]. Although, there is a Puertorican singer who pronounces her name as [reksach] - in Spanish way.

Rijkaard (Dut.)
According to the rules of Dutch language this surname sounds as [reykard].

Roig (Cat.)
Another wonderful Catalan surname, quite spread around the globe. Funny, but it should be pronounced as [rotch].

Ruaidhri (Irl.)
This dreadful mixture of letters is nothing else but Rory.

Rubе́n (Span.)
This Spanish name has a stress above the last syllable.

Rui Costa (Port.)
In Portugal this surname would always be pronounced as [koshta]. As for [kosta] variant, you are about to find it in Southern Brazilian states.

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