Friday, August 31, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Lyn (Nor.)
In Norwegian language "y" sounds like French [u] or German [ü] (only if not at the beginning of a word).

Lyngby (Dan.)
In Danish "y" is read the same too: [lüngbü].

Marseille (Fr.)
In French language "-ill" is pronounced as "y" in English "boy". So, the name of a famous city the Frenchmen pronounce differently than many non-Frenchmen.

Morecambe (Eng.)
Virtually in all the cases the "b" in "mb" is mute: [mo(r)kam].

Northampton Town (Eng.)
The Englishmen themselves has not come to agreement whether the "h" should be pronounced in this name or not: [nort(h)empt(o)n].

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