Saturday, August 18, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letters "V" and "W"

Valdе́z (Span.)
Very often this popular Spanish surname is misstressed.

Viáfara (Span.)
Many commentators don't notice for some reasons an accent sign ofer the second syllable.

Villalba – (Span.)
All "Villa-" surnames are read as [viya-] in Spanish and [visha-] in Argentinean.

Villalta (Span.)
[viyalta]/[vishalta]. See above.

Villamarin (Span.)
[viyamarin]/[vishamarin]. See above.

Villar (Span.)
[viyar]/[vishar]. Plus a stress over the last syllable.

Villareal (Span.)
[viyareal]/[vishareal]. Don't forget that in Spanish "l" is mild as in French.

Vitо́r Baia (Port.)
In the first name the strees should be put over the last syllable. In the second name the stress should be puit over "i".

Vouters (Dut.)
The Dutch "ou" is pronounced as [au].

Wrexham (Eng.)
In "Wr" the first letter is mute. While in the famous already suffix the "h" is mute too. So, [reksem].

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