Thursday, August 16, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letter "S"

Salisbury (Eng.)
Ex-capital of South Rodesia sometimes is a players' surname too. Is read not as it's written - [solzberi].

Simão (Port.)
The best way to render this Portugal name with this terrible suffix is [simon].

Siobhan (Irl.)
Quite popular Irish female name sounds as [shivon] or [shuvon].

Sjeng Schalken (Dut.)
This Dutch tennis player is not [sieng shalken], as everyone seems to get used to. He is quite vice versa - [sheng skhalken]. To make it even better replace [kh] with Spanish [j].

Sо́crates (Br.)
Many forget that authnetic stress in the name of a Brazilian superstar is over the first syllable.

Solskjaer (Nor.)
Let's have a look at this tricky Norwegian surname broken apart: Sol = [sol] (or [sul], with "l" soft as in French); skj - is a Norwegian [sh]; while "ае" is [e]. As a result: [solsher] or [sulsher].

Southampton (Eng.)
The letter "h" is almost unpronounced in this word.

Southwell (Eng.)
This English surname is read as [sa'tell]

Strachan (Scot.)
Very populat Scottish player and coach pronounces his second name as [stre'ken]

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