Friday, August 24, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Reading - (Eng.)
Unlike very popular word of English language, that's is spelled identically, the name of a city and a club is an exception and is pronounced differently - [reding].

Rozehnal (Czech.)
As we said many times, the Czech "h" is voiced and should be rendered better with a [g] sound - [rozegnal].

Málaga (Span.)
Many forget sometimes, that in the name of this city and club the first syllable is stressed.

Lanús (Arg.)
...while in the name of this Buenos Aires satellite as well as a club the last syllable is stressed.

Dátolo (Arg.)
In the name of this talented playmaker of Boca Juniors the first syllable is stressed.

Kanouté (Fr.)
There is an accent aigu over the final "e" in the name of this Sevilla's star, so it should be both pronounced and stressed.

Fleurquin (Ur.)
It's better to pronounce the French surnames of Uruguayan and Argentinean players in Spanish manner, unless the players themselves ask to do it in French. [fle-ur-kin].

Panamá (Span.)
Just in case, we remind that the name of this Latin country has a stress over the last syllable.

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