Thursday, August 16, 2007

Salzburg - Shakhtar: latinos

Two pillars of Austrian team - powerful anchorman Ezequiel Carboni and central back Ibrahim Sekagya produced a wonderful game in preliminary phase of CL. Ex-player of Lanus controlled midfield fully, while ex-defenseman of Argentinos and Arsenal Sarandi, Uganda's captain Sekagya has not made a single mistake at his position. Actually, Sekagya seems to be the most latinized African of those who played in Latin America lately. He still plays the Argentinean style.

In Shakhtar Jadson finally takes the reigns of a game. He had been waiting for that for two years, so from time to time he outputs incredible football. The problem is that many of his non-Brazilian players don't understand him often. Fernandinho's progress is quite noticeable. While Luiz Adriano spends most of time on the bench, and gets very angry when replaced. Brandao has completely forgotten what Brazilian football is, and plays now as a mediocre Ukrainian forward. Club's new signing Ilsinho by inertion looks extremely hot for now.

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