Thursday, August 30, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Győr (Hun.)
In Hungarian language "gy" stands for [d] palatalized. So, [dior] (one syllable).

Kashima Antlers (Jap.)
As it has been already mentioned, if in Japanese name the "sh" goes before "i" or "e", it's pronounced as [s]: [kasima].

Kashiwa Reysol (Jap.)
[kasiwa], See above, why.

Korona Kielce (Pol.)
In Polish language "ie" stands for mild "e" (known as Russian "e")". While "c" means [ts]: [keltse]

Leixões (Port.)
"X" is [sh], while the plural ending "-ões" in Portugal demands this club's name to be pronounced as [lei-sho-insh].

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