Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names

Dagenham & Redbridge (Eng.)
[dagnem]. Mute "h" in a well-known suffix.

De Graafschap (Dut.)
In Dutch language "sch" is read not as it is in German. The name is pronounced as [grafs-hap].

Deportes Quindío (Col.)
The stress in the name of this Colombian city and club falls onto "i" which goes after "d".

Diósgyőr (Hun.)
In Hungarian language "s" is pronounced as [sh], while "gy" - as a palatalized [d]. So, the name of the club would be [diosh-dior], with [dior] being one syllable.

Dnipro, Shakhtar, Chornomorets (Ukr./Rus.)
Since Russian language is very wide-spread in Ukraine, sometimes you can see the names of the local clubs spelled in Russian manner: Dnepr, Shakhtyor, Chernomorets

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