Friday, August 3, 2007

Correct Pronunciation of Foreign Names: Letter "H"

Handzus (Cz./Sl.)
In Czech and Slovakian languages the letter "h" is always pronouned as [g]. For [h] they use "ch". So, the name of this hockey player sounds as [gand-zoos]

Harsányi (Hun.)
In Hungarian language the sign above the letter does not mean the stress. Hungarian surnames, consisting of three syllables, always have a stress on the first syllable. The combination of letters "nyi" sounds as [n'ї] and represents one syllable. Don't forget that "s" in Hungarian language is always [sh]. So, [har-shan-ї]

Hasek (Cz./Sl.)
[ga-shek]. See above.

Havlat (Cz./Sl.)
[gav-lat]. See above.

Henchoz (Fr.)
Actually, the surname is clearly Spanish, but belongs to a Swiss, hence should be read in French: [an-sho'].

Hércules (Span.)
The stress falls onto the first syllable in this name.

Hernán (Span.)
Many non-Spanish commentators stress this popular name wrongly, in English manner. While the syllable to stress is the last one.

Higuaín (Arg.)
In fact, the surname should sound like [ig-wa-in']. It should contain three syllables, not four.

Higuita (Span.)
The surname of a great keeper is often mispronounced. We suggest the correct version: [ee-gee'-ta]

Hingis (Cz./Sl.)
She is [gingis], not [hingis]. See above, why.

Holguin (Span.)
[ol-gin']. The letter "u" after "g" in spanish names is pronounced only if there are two dots above it. Otherwise, it's mute and serves only to indicate that "g" should be read as [g], not as [h].

Hondúras (Span.)
The right pronunciation of this country is [on-doo'-ras]. The name of its inhabitant is "hondureño" - [on-doo-ren'-yo]

Hossa (Cz./Sl.)
Again, he is [gossa], not [hossa]. See above.

Hrbaty (Cz./Sl.)
[grbaty], see above

Husaín (Claudio/Dario, Arg.)
Famous brothers "turcos" from Argentinean Velez Sarsfield pronounce their surname as [oo-sa-in'].

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