Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letter "L"

Leicester (Eng.)
The name of this city as well as club is pronounced as [lester]. In relates to the rest of the names with this suffix: Worcester - [wooster], Glocester - [gloster]

Ljungberg (Swed.)
The combination "lj" in Swedish language is read similarly with "dj" - the first letter is mute.

Lleida (Span.)
As we already said, the most correct pronunciation of Spanish double "l" would be "y" - [yeida].

Llorente (Span.)
[yorente]. See above.

Luisão (Br.)
A very wide-spread aumentative suffix, derived from "Luiz", as we already told, should be pronounced as [luizon] with nasal "n".

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