Thursday, August 9, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letter "M"

Magrão (Br.)
Again that notorious suffix! It may be [magron], it may be [magran]. Just make sure it is not [magrao].

MaliVai (Washington) (US.)
A very rare case. This tennis player pronounces his name as [ma-la-vi'-eh].

Marcos Assunção (Port.)
Once again a diphtong-suffix. By the way, "assunção" is a direct Portuguese equivalent to Spanish "asuncion". And sounds a bit similar too.

Martín (Span.)
If he is Spanish, then the last syllable is stressed. Palermo's name is [martIn], not [mArtin].

Matías (Span.)
The same as above. Once he is Spanish, he is [matIas], not [mAtias]

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