Saturday, August 11, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letter "M" (continued)

Megnhi (Arab.)
The rule of Italian language which says that "gn" should be read as "ñ", spreads only onto Italian names. This Arab name should be read as [megni]

Moriñigo (Span.)
Sometimes tilda is omitted in the name of this Paraguayan.

Mourinho (Port.)
As we already said, the Portuguese "ou" is pronounced as short "o". Although, there are several exceptions: Couto, Souza.

Moura (Port.)
[mora] See above.

Moutinho (Port.)
[motiñu], See above

Moyá (Span.)
Note where accent is put over this Catalan surname.

Muirhead (Irl.)
This ancient Irish surname had various ways of pronunciation. Finally they decided that it should sound as [morhed].

Mulcahy (Irl.)
It should be pronounced as [malkey]. Although in US you may find [malkehy] too. The first variant is authentic.

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