Monday, August 13, 2007

Talking Smart: Foreign Names, Letter "P"

Paranа́ (Arg./Br./Par.)
The name of a team, as well as of a river and a Brazilian state, all have a stress over the last syllable.

Pernía (Span.)
The surname of this Argentinean Independiente´s alumnus, naturalized in Spain, sounds as most of the Spanish names with this suffix - with the stress over "i".

Philippoussis (Gr.)
"Оu" in Greek names sounds as "u".

Pochettino (Arg./It.)
Italian surname of an Argentinean. You should better read it in Italian - [pokettino]. Or if you can't, make sure that Vanina does not hear you. Shshshsh....

Prosinecki (Serb.)
The Serbian "-cki" suffix is pronounced as [chki]. Strange, but authentic.

Puig (Cat.)
Another funny Catalan surname. It's quite spread around the globe, although few know that it should be pronounced as [pooch].

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