Sunday, August 5, 2007

Correct Pronunciation of Foreign Names: Letter "J"

Jesús (Span.)
This Spanish name is misstressed by many. Stress the last syllable.

Joan (Cat.)
This Catalan name is close to Portuguese João and French Jean.

João (Port.)
There has never been any [jo-a-o]. It's [ju-an], with "j" - like in French language.

Josetxo (Basq.)
The combination of letter "tx" in Basque language is pronounced as English "ch" - [ho-se-cho].

Josué (Br.)
In the name of this increasingly popular Brazilian midfielder the stress falls onto the last syllable. Also, in Portuguese language (unlike in Spanish one) the "s" between two vowels turns into [z].

Jujuy (Arg.)
The name of this wonderful Argentinean province is pronounced as [huhu'y].

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